Vegetable Onion Slicer Chopper


MULTIFUNCTIONAL VEGETABLE SLICER: Definitely a vegetable slicer that needs to be in all kitchen’s. By our onion slicer, you could cut many sliced shredded shapes of fruits and vegetables as you like. Besides, it comes with a peeler, drain basket, hand protector and container. Frankly, it is more useful to slice or shred blades rather than chop or dice.
EASY TO CLEAN AND STORE: You could used this veggie slicer for onions, avacados, cabbage, potatos and carrots etc. to make salad, and this kitchen tool can work great. It’s really convenient instead of having to cut everything by hand and make a mess. The clean up is very easy and it’s easy to store.
APPLICATIONS: This vegetable slicer is especially helpful when you are making meal for large groups. It is very suitable for people who don’t enjoy cutting vegetables, such as a single, housewife or other people who like eating vegetables and fruit salads to DIY and cooking.
COMPACT AND STURDY: A well-built hand chopper has multiple blade choices. If your cooking involves a lot of chopping ,shredding, wavy slicing, this vegetable chopper can save much time.
WARM TIPS: Please be careful about sharp blades. Besides, it is more labor-saving to rotate cutting when using wavy blades

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