SteamPrime Robots for Kids Infrared Remote Control Robot Toy


????Upgraded and Eco-friendly Material –This intelligent RC robot is made of child-friendly ABS material. The robot is built to have flexible multiple joints in shoulder,elbows and thumbs ,and the bottom skating wheels are pretty sturdy to well carry out a various combination of moves. And it is tested that the robot is sturdy enough to withstand unexpectedly being dropped.
????Hand Gesture Control and Remote Control — This amazing robot can not only be controlled by infrared remote, but also by your hand gestures. It will walk or slide forward and backward, turn left and turn right through your control. Its versatile functions include automatic display and obstacle avoidance.The toy robot’s eyes light up with bright blue illuminating LED when it moves.
????Intelligent Programming — With the remote, the smart robot for kids can demonstrate a set of 50 actions inputted by the user. If you turn to the programming function, the interactive robot will use its move record feature to playback and repeat each movement as you created like turn left + turn right + walk forward + walk backward + patrol + dance + and many other movement modes you chose.

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