OYPRO Magnetic Slime Putty, Magnetic Space Putty


【AMAZING MAGNET PUTTY TOY】This magnetic slime putty is really magnetic, not only can it be pulled freely and faster, but also it can be stretched and bounced like rubber, shaped and sculpted like clay, which creates lots of fun for you.
【EDUCATIONAL LEARNING TOYS】It’s an educational toy for growing boys & girls who can learn what the magnetic field is. This magnetic thinking puddy can be molded into any shape you want, which is ideal for developing children’s intelligence and releasing adults’ stress.
【WITH BIG MAGNET DESIGN】In order to avoid kids swallowing the magnet by mistake, we make the magnet bigger than before, which is safer for kids and more at ease for parents. Our big size magnet has stronger magnetism, and is more durable & with a longer life than the normal small size magnet.

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