LHS Coffee Paper Filters 100 Count


PREMIUM QUALITY: These filters are thick and durable. Its texture is very delicate, so it has effective filtration. It trap all the grounds and most of the coffee’s oils, delivering a smoother, less-bitter flavor, which improve the taste of your coffee, resulting in delicious fresh dark liquid.
SAFE MATERIAL: Our coffee filters are all made of environmentally friendly paper. The folded edge is pressed by mold pressing, safer and healthier.
CONE-SHAPED DESIGN: The cone-shaped design suits for most pour over coffee drippers and coffee makers. It also prolongs the flowing time of the coffee powder, so that the essence during the brewing and steaming process is fully released.
NO MESS : Thicker Paper and Ridged construction hold their shape and prevents tearing or clogging, Disposable design ensures quick cleanup after each use, you can easily throw them away without needing to wash a metal filter.
EASY TO USE: Five simple steps “Folding-Wetting-Pouring- Brewing-Waiting”. You can easily discard the paper filter when finished. Time saving and enjoy delicious cups of coffee at the hurried morning.

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